Who The Hell Am I? by Nico Lingg [First Blog Post]

Hi, I’m Nico Lingg and this my attempt at starting a blog. I don’t know why, but recently I’ve felt the urgency to share my experience and what I’ve learned with other people. I was fortunate enough to meet some incredible people, who have helped me to become who I am right now. They’ve shared their stories and experiences with me, and I’ve learned quite a lot from them. I want to contribute, and I want to share my story, my experience, and my knowledge with others. In the past year, I’ve realized that I’ve been quiet since forever and I want to change that.

Who am I?

Originally I’m from Germany, but currently, I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and work for a company called ‘AbCellera Biologics‘ as Research Engineer. We specialize in antibody discovery (maybe I will explain what we do in more detail in another post). I moved to Canada in August 2015 for my Master’s Thesis, and because I like Vancouver (and my girlfriend) so much, I decided to stay. So far I haven’t regret one day (check out my Instagram for some pictures).  In Germany, I studied ‘mechatronics engineering’ at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. For those who don’t know what mechatronics stands for, it’s a combination of mechanical, electrical, software, and control engineering (please see below image). And do you know what? I love it! Imagine a five-year-old on the playground, that’s me when I can do engineering.

Diagram Mechatronics - Nico Lingg
The different fields that make up Mechatronics [source: wikipedia.com]
If I look back, I realize, I was so damn lucky to pick a program I love (this might be another story I could post here). In my free time, I play soccer or do other sports activities (gym, running, etc). Recently I also got into photography, and I really like it. I post some of my pictures on Instagram, check them out if you are interested.

What is my blog about?

To provide you with as much value as possible I thought I would post on a regular basis something about me, my experience and my knowledge. For example, I read quite a few books and if I find something interesting I will post it here and share it with you. Here you can find some of my book recommendations. Furthermore, I would like to share some engineering related topics as well. Something I could imagine for this blog is to post tutorials, tips and tricks or simply how I do things related to engineering.

Honestly, I have no idea how this goes. This is my first blog, and I thought I should just try it. If you like it, please comment, share it or contact me on social media or email.

All the best,

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