One Life

“You only have one life.” You’ve probably heard this statement a million times. But you probably hear it so often that you don’t actually stop and think about its implications. “You only have one life.” is not just some overused motivational quote, but rather a fact. Yes, it’s true, every moment that passes by is one moment that you will never get back, and one moment closer to the end of your life. I had never really thought about how much time I have left in this world until I recently discovered an article (link here) about a professor who says you’ve got an average of 30,000 days in your life. That’s it. This is about 82 years, and if you think about it on a large scale, it’s not much…It makes me think about all the days I wasted doing nothing…

I am now 26, which means I’m roughly 1/3 through my life. When I read this article, I realized how limited our time is. You don’t have endless hours and days to waste accomplishing tasks that don’t even make you happy, or sitting around dreaming of the goals you will never act on. In the end, every single one of us has the same fate – death. So, have I got you feeling super depressed yet? Well, sometimes it takes a harsh reality check to get you back on track.

One Life - Steve Jobs Quote

That one life is real!

I recently had the misfortune of finding out that multiple people in my close circle of friends and family had either passed away or been diagnosed with cancer. I’m not going to lie, the only way to explain receiving news like that is… it f**king sucks. But it was also my reality check. The average lifespans 30,000 days, but that’s just the average! No one really knows what tomorrow will bring and that’s when the reality of “You only have one life.” really hit me. That one life is real, it’s happening right now, as I write this, as you read it, and it can end at any time.

Do what you love!

Once you accept the fact that you only have one life, and really let the meaning of that sink in, you can do one of three things: You can get super depressed and lie on your couch all day moping, you can continue living a life of contempt, moving through the motions, and being satisfied with that, or you can follow your passion, and do what you love! And I mean what you really love, not what society has you thinking you love, like making lots of money or having all the nicest newest products. You can choose to do what you get true long-lasting gratification from. You can choose to do what makes you excited the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

What’s your purpose?

Now, there’s a good chance, that you have no idea what makes you truly happy, at least not yet. I recently had a conversation with a friend, John, who was talking to me about a book entitled “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida and he said the author of the book talks about finding your purpose in life. So what is your purpose in life?

It’s your responsibility!

Our lives are very busy, every day we get caught up in all these little things that don’t really matter. We do the weirdest things, we waste time, and live our lives with our noses to the ground only focusing on the step in front of us rather than the bigger picture. This goes on until all of a sudden you’re retired, and you’re thinking  “I wish…” or “if only I had…” So stop what you’re doing, and spend some time exploring what you’re passionate about. Or maybe you already know! Maybe you have a hobby that you’ve always wanted to make a business out of! It’s also okay to flounder for a little bit. If you don’t know what your passion is yet, you may have to try out a few different things before you find it. But it’s your responsibility to do this, don’t sit around and just wait for the right thing to fall into your lap because it won’t happen. So, what do you want to accomplish? What impact will you have on the world?

I want to help people!

Passion can be found in different places for everyone. Sometimes it doesn’t mean quitting your job and starting a business. For some people, passion can be found spending all their time outdoors, climbing, skiing or hiking. For others, a job from 9 to 5 is what makes them fulfilled and they truly love being able to go home and enjoy their time with their family. So again I ask, what are you passionate about? What is your purpose?
For me, I know my purpose and passion is helping people. I want to make an impact on the world, even if that goes against my introverted personality. Because my biggest fear is that at the end of my life I will have regrets of not trying what I really wanted to do, and challenging myself!

Time is limited!

What I have found in life so far, is that it’s not the things you do that matter, it’s the things that you don’t do. Life can be over tomorrow, and I know it sounds cheesy but I truly believe that you should live your life on your terms as you want, not as other people say you should.

Time is limited. You only have one life, so don’t end it with regret. Find your passion and pursue it. Your future is in your hands.


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